Father Fatally Shoots Boy Found In Daughter’s Room

Source: AP / BlackAmericaWeb.com

HOUSTON – Investigators say they’ll let a grand jury decide what to do with a Houston-area man who shot and killed a 17-year-old boy he found with his 16-year-old daughter in the girl’s bedroom.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit is investigating the shooting at the house in a normally quiet subdivision near Spring, about 23 miles north of Houston.

Assistant Chief Deputy Constable Mark Herman says the 55-year-old homeowner heard noises coming from his daughter’s bedroom about 2:30 a.m. Thursday and went to investigate. He found the boy with his daughter and shot him in the ensuing altercation.

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  • Gilbert Evans

    When is the media going to get it’s act together? First story I heard about this was younger siblings told him when he came home that the older girl had a boy in her room. This story says he heard noises in her room. Can’t have it both ways. Novel idea: report the truth.

    • Kingreemis

      Exactly what bearing would the different catalysts have on the outcome of this situation? I’m not a big fan of media, but trivial complaints make the reader as irresponsible as the writer.

      • NP

        Context makes ALL the difference, he can’t for example hide behind a defense hinged on the idea that he was surprised by the kid if he entered the room with the knowledge that there was a boy in his daughters room. The last story about hearing it from the younger sibling also says the daughter denied knowing who the 17 year old boy was; if that part is true then that may be all the probable cause he needs to use deadly force if he felt threatened in his home in a jurors eyes. The details determine how this story is read so Gilbert is right to question the contradicting reasons for investigating in his daughters room at all.

        • Kingreemis

          Neither article/explanation alluded to the father being surprised. Both articles stated the boy failed to obey the fathers commands and a struggle ensued, which makes it irrelevant whether other children alerted him to the boys presence or the girl having stated she didn’t know the boy. I’d expect the young lady to face a charge.

      • Gilbert Evans

        I wasn’t asking or requesting a change in outcome; I was asking for some responsible reporting.

  • big dong

    such a travesty lol