Florida Man Hacks Boss To Death In Front Of 20 Terrified Diners After His Picture Posted To Facebook

Source: Lee Moran / New York Daily News

A Florida restaurant worker hacked his boss to death with a meat cleaver over a photo posted to Facebook, police said.

Tilus Lebrun, 42, allegedly knifed Dimitrios (Jimmy) Karaloukas, 61, in front of 20 terrified diners at Karaloukas’ Jimmy the Greek Taverna at 7:30 p.m. Thursday night.

The disgruntled dishwasher stabbed the West Boca eatery owner three times on his left side and once in the back — and attacked another employee, who has not yet been named — Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said.

To read this article in its entirety visit the New York Daily News.

  • stupidDOPE.com

    Damn. Florida is full of “the crazies”….

  • robbiecee

    Who’s he hiding from!?

  • big dong

    thats them coloreds gotta love em …oops imeant gotta shoot em

    • Puzzled

      So question…if I hacked someone to death, being biracial (black & white), which half of me is responsible? The Cracker half or the Colored half?

      • big dong

        how did you get black AND white damn thats messed up and dont call me cracker thats a very derogative word lmao at you

        • Kia Marie

          Actually He is a Black Man, not a “colored”. Being that He is in Florida and His Boss perhaps provoked him.. He may just have been fed up with the treatment of Black Men and Boys in Florida.

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