Indiana Mall Bans Upturned Hoodies

Source: Breanna Edwards / The Root

A mall in central Indiana has stirred up the debate surrounding hoodies and what they represent by posting a sign requesting that all patrons lower their hoods when on the premises.

According to the Raw Story, signs, which read, “For the safety and well-being of everyone, please lower your hoodie,” are posted at the entrances of the Mounds Mall in Anderson, Ind.

The mall’s general manager claims that the signs were “requested by local law enforcement,” saying that it was for security and ID and stressing to the Herald Bulletin that they were not asking potential customers to remove their hoodies, just to lower the hoods upon entering. Roosa also added that as it warms up, the signs would be removed.

Hoodies are specifically mentioned in the mall’s Code of Conduct: “Appropriate, non-offensive attire; shirts and shoes must be worn; no hoodies or other apparel that will disguise identity,” the document read, according to the Herald Bulletin.

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