Joaquin Castro To Boycott Buc-ee’s After Owners Back Dan Patrick

Source: Kolten Parker / Houston Chronicle 

SAN ANTONIO — Texas roadside megastore Buc-ee’s found itself in between two political powerhouses Tuesday after the chain’s owners offered their support to state Sen. Dan Patrick.

Following a photo and announcement of the owners’ support on Facebook Monday, Congressman Joaquin Castro said he would no longer shop at Buc-ee’s “since they support a fear mongering immigrant basher.”

“I am disappointed to learn that a popular and well-respected retailer would lend its corporate brand to a candidate for statewide office who has built his career around dividing Texans and bashing immigrants, solely for his own political gain,” Castro said in a written statement.

Tweets from Castro vowing to boycott the Texas convenience store made the rounds on social media and included similar promises from supporters, including Joaquin Castro’s mother, Rosie Castro.

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  • rhondareichel

    Does it make your
    blood boil everytime you see a company persecute Christian
    conservatives? They have got away with it too long as we haven’t been
    putting our money where our mouths are.

    ****the higher the score the more
    CONSERVATIVE the company is —it will even break it down by issue * there is a
    smartphone app too

    A great way for conservatives to speak
    out against companies with liberal bias by doing more business with
    conservative companies – rewarding them for taking a

    As you know Sun Bank Trust cut off
    those 2 Christian twin brothers and had to back down because of the backlash
    from Christians…..that is proof that this works.

    No more Cracker Barrel or Starbucks for me from now on….they can go
    pound sand for all I care. I would have never patronized them in the first
    place had I known. Home Depot too.

    Liberals do this all the
    time…..boycott conservatives….so it’s time for us to fight back hitting them
    where it hurts

    I would always prefer to do
    business with another conservative because otherwise I’m just feeding the
    opposition & that hasn’t worked out too well. Wouldn’t it be too wonderful
    if these companies who stand for liberal causes had
    to hide in the shadows and dared not to persecute us for fear of losing