JOE MORTON: The N-Word As Sculpture


Recently Roland Martin got into a debate with a young man on Twitter over the use of the n-word. In response to the young man’s insistence on using the derogatory term, Scandal’s Joe Morton sent an essay called “The N-Word As Sculpture.” Roland read the powerful essay on air.

  • Sonny Scroggins
  • Craig

    I understand both sides of the argument, but the fact is this shouldn’t be an argument, what doesn’t the world understand that only black people namely Black Americans get to use it, WHY IS THAT SO DAMN HARD TO UNDERSTAND? White people trying to dictate the way black people communicate with each other but i bet they wont fight to stop systematic racism.

    If a white person uses the NWord it just shows the lack of respect they have for u I don’t care if it ends in an a or er, it shouldn’t be coming out a non black persons mouth. White people only want to be able to use it freely so they really can start profiting off of it more than they already are, I’m not fooled, bad or not the NWord is an exclusive thing that black people have and like all other things white people want it to make money off of it.

    Now I understand older black people don’t like the word but I also understand that older black people are stuck in the old days still talking about non violence and marching, the days of non violence and marching died with Martin Luther King, different times call for different measures. I for one am not gonna change the way I talk just to please these Caucasoids. I embrace Ebonics as well, u not gonna make me hate the way I talk. (I dont use the Nword by the way) These male athletes and entertainers are a bunch of feminine house boys anyway, they apologize over tweets and personal opinions, I don’t look up to them they don’t do nothing special, but they grab their ankles for the white man every chance they get.

    If white people love u, u doing something wrong, Be weary of any Black “hero” that these white folk prop up and hail. Stay away from them. Gravitate towards the ones they Demonize.

    • Janjay Mason

      No one, not even black Americans, should use it.

  • Craig

    It aint that serious Joe, Nobody thinking about the NWord that much, non blacks just need to keep it out their mouth. I saw no need to mention the Jews(fake jews) or the flag(piece of rag).

    Seems to me yall only now against the word cause it makes white people uncomfortable that their young wants to start using it, yall reacting white people instead of speaking for self.

  • James

    You say all this and yet you star on a show that is celebrated for turning an educated black woman into a high priced street walker. I agree with your statement; however I’d like to see you use your influence to at least get Olivia Pope to get and stay married. Oh, that might not get you the ratings you need…My bad…Brother.

    • Suze

      Morton is not the writer/producer of the show, he stars in. Mr. Morton is working, just like many actors who star in productions of controversial issues. His private life or practices are not illuminated with what is seen on the screen. You speak about his interests, however, you failed to mention the many I’m sure he is involved with, outside of your knowledge base. Bye the way,Olivia Pope Is a fictional character on a fictional show. As far as Mr. Morton’s ratings, their illuminated by his performance, which historically have and continue to be outstanding whether he stars in Scandal or not. Your statement illustrates just how tangible your thinking process is, be it private or not.


    Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!!!

  • Wesley

    That’s brilliant. However, IMO it’d miss the minds it’s trying to directly reach (those who use it as a term of endearment) as many lack the historical acumen to digest the meaning(s) of the sculpture coupled with a seemingly deep aversion to scholastics. IMO this sculpture should be prefaced with an accurate depiction of black brilliance buried in the tombs of Egypt and USPTO applications etc. so the minds it’s ostensibly trying to reach will be activated with a scholastic thirst to learn more abt how talented their ancestors were as opposed to what they’ve been conditioned to think. I believe then the tacit going ons depicted in the sculpture would be fully understood by all, erudite and novice.