Kevin Hart Shares His Secrets With Oprah

Source: Chris Witherspoon / theGrio

Comedian Kevin Hart sits down with Oprah Winfrey for an all new episode of Oprah Prime [the new name for Oprah’s Next Chapter] on Sunday.

With over 11 million Twitter followers, Hart opened up to the queen of talk about the importance of his personal connection to his fans through social media.

“Social media is everything for me,” Hart told Oprah. “I mean in our generation in today’s time being able to talk back and forth with your fans goes a long way. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, these things are all tools that I don’t — I don’t like to say that — the actors before me, but, the older actors, you know, the Denzels, your Will Smiths, they’re not social media savvy because they didn’t have to back then.  There was a talk show.  Campaign.  And then that was it.”

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