“Kobe Is Divorced From Reality” – Kevin Blackistone, ESPN


Roland Martin is back with ESPN’s Jason Whitlock and Kevin Blackistone and it’s all about Kobe Bryant‘s controversial comments in regards to Trayvon Martin and race. Listen for more!

  • Mel

    If this is about fairness and emotions vs. facts, notice how we don’t have anybody standing up and telling Whites the same things, why? People are unfair even in talking about fairness. Everyone should be told this, so the fact that Kobe directed it towards Blacks is an issue for me.

    When Whites get antsy and start calling a dead child “thug” and n***, who calms those waters for them? Kobe’s comments are indicative of someone who is naive of the real issue. Sadly, the issue became less about Trayvon and more about this pattern of how young Black males are perceived everyday, not just in a court case. Kobe proves that he knows little about that.

  • Salina

    Kobe so smart he’s stupid!!!!