The Man Behind Freddy’s Ribs On ‘House Of Cards’ Talks Sad Plot Twist

Source: Today Show

The first thing you need to know about the man that has brought the lovable Freddy Hayes to life on “House of Cards” is that he’s never ever tasted one of Freddy’s delicious-looking ribs.

The second thing is why. The first scene filmed for Netflix’s political thriller’s first season was shot at Frank Underwood’s (Kevin Spacey) favorite joint, a neighborhood rib shack that opens just for him at his beck and call.

“It was our first day and they covered me in barbecue sauce,” actor Reg E. Cathey told TODAY. “It was hot; it was like 90 degrees. It was very uncomfortable and it was that smell. I just couldn’t stand the smell. That’s why I didn’t want to eat any because I was covered in it. And then it just became a joke—Freddy doesn’t eat his own ribs! So I just kept it going and I never ate one rib.”

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