Man Convicted Of Raping Infant Child Dodges Jail Because He ‘Will Not Fare Well’

Source: Ashley Alman / The Huffington Post

A Delaware man convicted of raping his three-year-old daughter only faced probation after a state Superior Court judge ruled he “will not fare well” in prison.

In her decision, Judge Jan Jurden suggested Robert H. Richards IV would benefit more from treatment. Richards, who was charged with fourth-degree rape in 2009, is an unemployed heir living off his trust fund. The light sentence has only became public as the result of a subsequent lawsuit filed by his ex-wife, which charges that he penetrated his daughter with his fingers while masturbating, and subsequently assaulted his son as well.

Richards is the great grandson of du Pont family patriarch Irenee du Pont, a chemical baron.

According to the lawsuit filed by Richards’ ex-wife, he admitted to assaulting his infant son in addition to his daughter between 2005 and 2007. Richards was initially indicted on two counts of second-degree child rape, felonies that translate to a 10-year mandatory jail sentence per count. He was released on $60,000 bail while awaiting his charges.

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  • just Saying

    Since when does being rich means you CAN’T go to jail for a crime?!?

    • Shame on you

      When has it not?

    • DebbieG

      When you can pay off the judge.

  • Andrea Mcintosh-Williams

    First kids gets off for killing ppl whie driving, now this. Meanwhile. They are trying to decide if they can charge a 5 yrold for killing his 2 yrold couson. In which they feel was on purpose because of previous things happening instead of lookinh fir treatment. REALLY. is this what we have come too?

  • kim

    we need to demand justice!! this is ridiculous!! lord help this world these children are born in

  • rodessa

    umm, last I checked, no one fares well in prison. Isn’t that the whole point? Lets ask the convicted, “by a show of hands, who all here would fare better with treatment, as opposed to jail?” DUH! It’s far to many crooked people openly getting away with too much!