Michelle Obama Tells China Her Life Isn’t Like ‘Scandal’

Source: Maria Puente / USA Today

Well, this is a little disturbing: It turns out that Chinese television viewers may think Scandal is a true reflection of the president and first lady and Washington in general. But first lady Michelle Obama, who’s in China and also loves Scandal, put them straight.

The first lady, who’s been in China since last week, is on a goodwill and cultural exchange visit with her daughters and mother, promoting education and seeing the sights.

On Monday, for instance, they went to the Museum of the Terra Cotta Warriors at the archaeological site in Xi’an, one of China’s most popular tourist attractions.

So far, Obama hasn’t taken any questions from the American reporters covering the trip, a source of the usual media grumbling even before her trip started. Then today, the White House sent round an English transcript of a Q&A she did with an online Chinese outlet, Caixin, that appeared in China on Friday.

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