MLK Daughter’s Lawyers Want Estate Lawyer Removed

Source: The Detroit News

Atlanta — A lawyer for Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter on Friday argued that a lawyer for her father’s estate should be disqualified from participating in a dispute over the ownership of King’s Bible and Nobel Peace Prize.

The slain civil rights icon’s estate, controlled by his sons, is locked in a legal dispute with his daughter, the Rev. Bernice King, over ownership of the items. The Martin Luther King Jr. Estate Inc., which is run by Martin Luther King III and Dexter Scott King, wants to sell the items, while Bernice is opposed to the sale.

The Bible and peace prize medal are being held in a safe deposit box controlled by the court pending the outcome of the dispute.

Ron Gaither, a lawyer for Bernice, argued William Hill and his law firm should not be involved in the case because he was appointed by a judge to help in a similar 2008 dispute between the King children and the entities they control.

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