Murder, Hate Crime Charges In Death Of Man Who Was Shielding Daughter

Source: Meredith Rodriguez / Chicago Tribune

Michael Tingling and his 15-year-old daughter Masharah were inseparable.

“He could’ve gave birth to her instead of me, that’s how close they were,” said Masharah’s mother, Yolanda Simmons. “They hung out like they were best buddies.”

On Wednesday, during one of their regular afternoons together, Tingling and his daughter were approached by a man who “made inappropriate gestures” to the girl, police said. The men got into an argument and Tingling, an ex-boxer, was punched in the chest and collapsed in front of his daughter. He died an hour later.

Police arrested Joseph Firek, 59, and charged him overnight with first-degree murder and a hate crime, saying Firek kept making racial comments while attacking Tingling.

Michael Tingling had picked up his daughter early from school at Chicago Math and Science Academy, Simmons said. The pair detoured to buy a doughnut before they headed to a doctor’s appointment.

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  • 1_teamJalen3

    Really! All for what??!! This man and his daughter minding their own business! Here comes this idiot who murders this man, ruins this child’s life, and he’s going to jail for 1st degree murder! WTH!!!

  • monkey boy

    its like the knock out game reverse