New Study Suggests Violent Video Games With Black Characters Fuel Racism

Source: Breanna Edwards / The Root

You start your favorite video game, go to character select, pick a black avatar—be it a fighter or gangster—and start playing. As a white person, what effect, if any, does this have on you?

According to a new study, the effect is significant: White players who adopt black characters are more likely to exhibit aggression and express strongly negative attitudes toward blacks, even after ending the game.

“The media have the power to perpetuate the stereotype that blacks are violent, and this is certainly seen in video games,” said Brad Bushman, an Ohio State University communications professor and psychologist who co-authored the study. “This violent stereotype may be more prevalent in video games than in any other form of media because being a black character in a video game is almost synonymous with being a violent character.”

The experiments for the study targeted white university students playing three different video games: Saints Row 2, a brutal interactive landscape of crime and gangs; the wrestling focusedWWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2010; and the boxing challenge Fight Night Round 4.

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  • KevinFromNYC

    Think about the effect it has on Black children playing these games. Monitor the crap which goes into your child’s mind.

  • John Craft

    Make money by playing video games

  • John Craft

    Make money by playing video games

  • popsqualli

    “Until you understand white-supremacy/racism,what it is and how it works-everything that you understand will only confuse you. white-supremacy/racism affects ALL area of people activity: Education,Economics,ENTERTAINMENT,Labor,Law,Politics,Sex and War” Neely Fuller Jr. (I might add Health also)

    To answer this topic in a word..ABSOLUTELY.