Off-Duty Houston Firefighter Shot Dead By Neighbor

Source: CBS News

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas — A Houston firefighter returning home from a night of St. Patrick’s Day partying was shot and killed by his next-door neighbor when he tried to enter the wrong house, CBS affiliate KHOU reported Tuesday.

Sam Keen, 27, was shot Monday night by a 64-year-old woman who thought he was in intruder, Montgomery County sheriff’s deputies said.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker told KHOU that Keen took a cab home after a night of drinking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

He was asked to leave the bar so his friends put him in a cab, the station said.

“No one did anything wrong. It was just a confluence of events that provoked a tragedy,” 0Parker said. “My understanding is that the firefighter, off-duty, had been out. He did what he was supposed to do: He took a cab ride home, got dropped off in the wrong place and wasn’t aware of it. [He] tried to get into what he thought was his house and was tragically shot.”

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