President Obama, Galifianakis Trade Insults In Hilarious ‘Funny Or Die’ Video

Source: Michael Falcone and Ann Compton / ABC News

You don’t see this everyday: President Obama sat down with comedian Zach Galifianakis for his video series, “Between Two Ferns.”

Obama is deadpan and the two have a few hilarious exchanges.

President Obama razzes Galifianakis about how Bradley Cooper carried those “Hangover” movies, and suggests the third version didn’t work out too well — just as a third Obama term would not be satisfying. The president finally gets around to pitching health care reform for young people, apparently the reason the White House agreed to the six-minute interview. During the wonky parts about signing up for coverage, the bored-looking Galifianakis asks, “Is this about drones?”

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