RAW STORY: Tucker Carlson And Alex Jones: Democratic Party Now The KKK, But ‘With Minorities’

Source: David Ferguson / Raw Story

Fox News host Tucker Carlson appeared on right-wing conspiracy enthusiast Alex Jones’ radio show on Friday. The two men shared their paranoia about Latino immigrants, dubbing them the new Ku Klux Klan.

“I’ve looked at the Democratic Party and I’ve looked at the demographics,” Jones said on his radio program, which airs via the Genesis Communication Network. “Now, I’ve always been non-partisan, but you can see they’re going to get rid of the Republican Party right now. They are making it commit suicide and the Republicans are absolutely helping in this.”

Jones then told his version of the history of the Republicans’ “Southern Strategy,” in which segregationists abandoned the Democratic Party for the Republicans during racial integration. Republicans used the influx of racist whites to gain electoral dominance in the former slave states.

“And the Democrats went from being the Ku Klux Klan party on race with Sen. [John] Byrd [D-VA] and all of them,” Jones said, “to literally going, ‘Okay, we’re gonna go race politic with the minorities, make them the majority.’”

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  • Douglas

    the level of delusion in this conversation is unreal…. If the democratic party is the “new KKK” then why is our party the most diverse? Mean while the republican party is 99% white? The argument doesn’t make sense and you will never win an argument on reverse racism. You sound dumb!

  • thomasbone63

    Just another right wing republican asshole coming out with wild allegations. How foolish dose this man sound. The only ones who were waving the confederate rag in front of the white house was the right wing republican tea party. This party was created when a black man moved in the white house.