Richard Sherman: NFL Ban On N-Word ‘Atrocious Idea’ That Is ‘Almost Racist’

Source: ESPN

Richard Sherman does not agree with the NFL’s proposed ban on use of the N-word on the playing field, calling it an “atrocious idea” that is “almost racist.”

The league’s competition committee is expected to discuss a rule where players would be penalized 15 yards for using racial slurs on the field. Sherman lashed out at the proposal in a recent interview with, which surveyed three black players (Sherman, Tennessee Titans cornerback Jason McCourty and free-agent linebacker D’Qwell Jackson) on the proposal. Two of the three were against it, with only Jackson supporting the ban.

“It’s an atrocious idea,” Sherman, the Seattle Seahawks‘ star cornerback, told the website. “It’s almost racist to me. It’s weird they’re targeting one specific word. Why wouldn’t all curse words be banned then?”

Baltimore Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome, who serves on the competition committee, recently told that the league has discussed other slurs potentially coming under the ban as well, including homophobic slurs.

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  • thomasbone63

    This fool dose not realize what a hateful word this is. How we had to fight to store that word far far away until this hip hop crow restored it He needs to take time out from football and read up on his history.

    • HatingWhitePeopleSince85

      I don’t know why I’m even entertaining this ridiculous comment however I will. Your not really holding hip hop responsible for the resurgence of the “N” Word are you?? Because last I checked it NEVER WENT AWAY!!! Richard Pryor, Red Foxx, WHITE FOLKS and all have been saying it for years! Long before hip hop was even birthed into our society! And I’m sick and tired of people like YOU, OPRAH, And all these other self righteous Negros constantly using hip hop as a scapegoat! Every time I turn around it’s always a Old Head wanting to Use Hip Hop as a scapegoat in exchange for their own ignorance about the Culture. And I find it offensive that you sat there with a straight face and shamelessly wanted to blame hip hop for a word THAT NEVER WENT AWAY!!!

      • Anthony

        Let me get this right. Are you justifying the use of the N word because it NEVER WENT AWAY? That is the problem with our people right there. We won’t MAKE it go away. We could, if we were adamant enough, but we can’t seem to hold ourselves in high enough esteem to see how degrading it is…JUST LIKE SHERMAN! The use of the N word may not have originated with Hip Hop, but it sure has been used to propagate it. And if you are proud of that, you have a lot of self-respect to obtain. “Hating white people” is not your biggest problem, it’s not loving yourself enough to see how we keep denigrating ourselves. Let’s get over the N word and start holding ourselves to a higher degree of respect. If we don’t do it, white people won’t.

  • Mr. Bellamy

    He’s right. Why single out the N word as the only penalty worthy term? To be honest, this ban will probably affect black players more than anyone else because they use it more often than anyone else.

    • Anthony

      Are you SERIOUS? Do you tolerate anyone calling you the N word on the street…in a grocery store…at work? If you are African American and answered no to any of these questions, you just contradicted yourself. We should not tolerate the use of the N word…period! Not on the field and not by our fellow African Americans! You have no self respect otherwise. White people have treated us like trash in history past (and some still do) and you have the nerve to justify the use of the prime word they used to describe us as non-human! That’s foolishness to a whole different degree! Get some dignity…you AND Sherman!

      • Mr. Bellamy

        That is actually my point, in a manner of speaking. Dignity. We seem to lack the dignity to not use the word ourselves so we appeal to governments, sanctioning bodies, et al (which is basically an appeal to “massa”) to get them to step in and make grown men do what they should do without such appeals… by fining them. If a white man or anyone else sees fit to call me anything other than Mr. Bellamy, it won’t be a government or sanctioning body I’ll be appealing to to address that. It’s just a fluffy bit of foolishness to get people to pay a fine rather than raising our children to disdain the word – whoever says it. I can’t think of another group of grown men who call themselves by the most derogatory name available and then turn around and try to get others fined for using the same word. Or who try to correct the issue within their group by getting outsiders to fine offenders who are most likely committing the offense off camera amongst themselves while the word is blaring from every radio, TV and movie screen in the nation. Shouldn’t we be fining the rappers, comedians, and Quentin Tarrantino? Isn’t there some more dignified, substantive and self affirming way to achieve this goal rather than turning it into a circus on a football field that, in the end, will just be a futile gesture?