Roland Martin Recaps Conversation With Kobe Bryant Regarding New Yorker Interview, Trayvon Martin Remarks

  • Kay Cee

    I would love for Joe Madison to interview Kobe!

    • David Jones

      I give you one better…how about Jim Brown interviewing Kobe. You know he said KB couldn’t relate to black people due to being raised in another country. And said if he was calling a group of brothers together to discuss black issues KB wouldn’t be invited. Ouch…

  • Detroit First


    PURE SELLOUT! BOYCOTT KOBE! (DK7089 stands for DR. KING + his mugshot #)

  • truth_machine
  • howardman

    Mr. Martin I am a fan of yours and watch on TVone but I hope you realize was that your posting segments of your conversation with Kobe, is just him using him to help him with damage control. Please be smarter than that. Next time you ask “Does this brother have a brain? You may want to ask that of yourself cause by you putting up these various tweets, its clear hes using you to speak for him and reposition his image. Please my brother, be smarter than that.