SC Deputy Cried After Shooting 70-year-old Man

The South Carolina deputy who shot a 70-year-old man during a traffic stop after mistaking his cane for a shotgun during an after-dark traffic stop broke down in tears as other officers arrived. Warning: graphic material. (March 13)


    The officer broke down because he thinks that he might get in trouble of reacting to hastely!!

  • Kimm Anderson Bernier Irving

    FIRE all of them and start over!!! TRAIN over and have a zero error policy!

  • Chris Watson

    Suppose the driver was Black and the Cop was white. Would there be outrage?

  • Tina

    They shouldnt be so quick to try to kill someine before they properly assess and confirm that the person is armed and dangerous. Police should be accountable for taking a life just as everyone else is…..regardless of whether it is an “accidental” shooting. They should not be the exception to the rule but sadly they are.