Speaking At Worcester State U., Roland Martin Says It’s Too Soon To Call US ‘Post-Racial’

Source: Steven H. Foskett Jr. / Telegram.com

WORCESTER — The Trayvon Martin case obliterated the idea that we live in a post-racial society, Roland Martin told an audience Thursday at Worcester State University.

Mr. Martin, a journalist and former political commentator at CNN who hosts a weekday news program on the TV One network, said only when people move away from making “instant assumptions” based on race will society move forward.

Mr. Martin’s lecture on campus Thursday was part of the Courageous Conversations series at the university. He said the idea of a post-racial society was purely a media creation after the election of President Barack Obama. The theory was that since a black man could be elected president, everything had changed.

If that were true, Mr. Martin argued, then the legal system should have changed back when Thurgood Marshall was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Instead, there remain places such as Florida where a white man has never been sentenced to death for the killing of a black person, Mr. Martin said.

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