Stephen A. Smith Explains Kobe’s Take On Trayvon Martin On The Arsenio Hall Show

Stephen A. Smith just got off the phone with Kobe Bryant, so he’s able to speak to the controversy surrounding Kobe’s comments about Trayvon Martin, and the role of facts versus emotions.

  • jjdpro media production

    Stephen sounds like a A fool.. Another cornbread brother.

  • prestonanderson

    Why is it assumed that when black people act in solidarity, that we’re doing it because we’re black…as though none of us have critical thinking skills? Every time something comes up, are we supposed to all think something different about it just to appear as though we’re not being “unfair”? The only time anybody questions a decision is when a minority group stands firmly on it. So, what would explain the droves of white people who supported our community?

  • Yolanda Hinton

    Was Kobe saying tht when he needed the black community to help him to get off of his charges…also Steven A remember this if u r ever in the need of support….remember this bc we will…u r cocky now lets see how u will be if it happens to u or your family

  • thomasbone63

    What was Kobe doing and wanting when he was accused of raping that white woman. How humble was he then. He wanted that black people to support him. He and you (Steven) are full of shi*.


    No clue why some of us feel like Kobe begged for our support during his rape case..

  • DaGooz88

    Keeping the focus on Trayvon to keep the eye off the prize”

  • peedeebee

    I don’t kno what Kobe or Stephen means – no one jumped to conclusions – everyone was clear on what happened and justice was not served. If you live in a glass house, don’t throw no stones…..

  • We may not all think or act alike…but when it comes to BLATANT racism and killing innocent African American children…ALL of us need to stand up as a united forces and FIGHT THE POWERS THAT BE….Kobe AND Stephen are full of ish!!!

  • Gho5t

    I’d like to ask Stephen A. and Kobe this question: Given all the facts that we KNEW at the time the Miami Heat posted their hoodie picture, what possible scenario would have justified Zimmerman shooting and killing Martin? At the time the Heat posted the picture, we knew an unarmed Martin was profiled, followed, fought by an armed grown man who shot and killed him, and then wasn’t even charged. So what additional facts did Kobe/Stephen A. need to know in order to support justice for Trayvon? Stephen A., you lost a lot of respect on this one. I know you say you don’t care, but your rep with YOUR people took a hit. I hope Kobe or ESPN paid you well for this.

  • Monk

    Stephen A. will never be a prime time personality. I do think this dude would sell him momma in doing so. Tell this BS to Sabrina and Tracey.