Study: NY Schools Most Segregated In The US, Labeling Some ‘Apartheid Schools’

Source: Lilly Workneh / theGrio

Minorities are likely to become the majority population in America in less than three decades – and yet, with this soon-to-be expected reality, schools in America still face staggering segregation rates.

A recent study reveals that some states face a deeper racial divide in public schools than others – listing New York as the leading state with the most segregated schools in the country.

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The comprehensive study, conducted by the UCLA Civil Rights Group, measures integration – or the lack thereof – and explores trends in enrollment and segregation patterns across the state’s public school system on state, metropolitan and city levels from 1989 to 2010.

A previous report by the CRP shows that public school students in the state are increasingly isolated by race and class despite the growing minority and poor populations in the state – and this latest study proves that the same racial imbalance continues to be a significant issue.

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