The Activists Who Are Meeting With Obama On Deportations Are Skeptical And Frustrated

Source: Adrian Carrasquillo / BuzzFeed

President Obama is continuing his new effort on the deportations issue Friday, meeting with advocacy organizations — activists who are skeptical and frustrated with the administration’s approach.

The president announced Thursday evening a broad review of deportation policy after a meeting with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus met. In interviews with five of the 17 organizations attending Friday’s White House meeting, as well as activists who claim they are no longer invited to immigration meetings with the administration, many activists told BuzzFeed that a review of the current deportation policy is not enough.

“Our view is not that the president needs ‘X’ number of months to conduct a review,” said Kamal Essaheb of the National Immigration Law Center (NILC). “He needs to act today. One-quarter of the people deported are parents of U.S. citizens. American kids continue to lose their parents to deportation, so the timeline is ASAP. The timeline is now.”

Lorella Praeli, with United We Dream, who is attending at the Friday meeting agreed.

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