The Root: Black Youths At Princeton Pulled Over By Police, Then This Happened

Source: Breanna Edwards / The Root

Exchanges between black youth and the police don’t always have to end in violence.

What began as an unfortunate incident of alleged police profiling in Princeton, N.J., ended with a public-forum discussion with the officer who did the profiling.

According to one member of the Black Youth Project 100, or BYP100, a youth-centered black activist group, the police pulled over a car carrying members leaving a conference on Princeton University’s campus. The officer cited a broken taillight, but upon investigation the vehicle was found to be intact. The unidentified officer let the group go, but when they asked him to take part in a discussion, he agreed to meet the young people at another location, offering them free parking as an apology so they could talk at will.

The video below shows about half a dozen black young people huddled around the police car, talking to the black officer about why his actions hurt them.

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  • Sieben713

    will this change the police officers attitude ??????????? No , the only thing they understand is when they are forced to adjust their attitude by LAW

  • JFierce

    Honestly, there was an adjustment of his attitude, and really his perspective. The thing is here is that transformative justice is really not just content with utilizing the existing systems and mechanisms to find a resolution to the issues we face. Do we have to still seek legal redress through the creation of policies and laws? Yes. Does that stop us from working with individuals outside of legal system to achieve change? No. At BYP100 we’re about creating change from individuals to institutions, through existing systems and by creating our own.

  • DennisCLatham

    all this yackity yack. Police officer lied to tax paying citizens – fire him. Let that be a lesson…. geeez ….