Train Derails At O’Hare Airport, Climbs Up Escalator; 32 Hurt

Source: Jordan Owen and George P Slefo / Chicago Sun-Times

Thirty-two people were injured when a CTA Blue Line train jumped the tracks and climbed up an escalator at the O’Hare Airport station early Monday, officials said.

Denise Adams was on the fifth or sixth car of the eight-car train when it derailed about 2:50 a.m.

“I heard a Boom! and when I got off the train, the train was all the way up the escaltor,” she said. “It was a lot of panic because it was hard to [those] people off the train.”

Chicago Fire Department Commissioner Jose Santiago said 32 people — six in fair condition and 26 in good condition — were taken to four different hospitals with minor injuries, including the train’s motorman.

 To read this article in its entirety visit the Chicago Sun-Times.

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