TSA Wants Armed Law Enforcement At Airport Security Checkpoints

Source: AP / The Huffington Post

LOS ANGELES  — The Transportation Security Administration is recommending that armed law enforcement be present at airport security checkpoints during peak hours after conducting a nationwide review in response to a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport last fall.

The internal report was obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press. It is being released to Congress, which will consider the recommendations.

The AP has reported that the two armed officers at the LAX terminal had left for breaks and were out of the terminal. Airport police decided months earlier to have officers roam terminals instead of staffing checkpoints such as the one approached by a gunman.

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  • Tom Tucker

    For the most part the TSA people do not possess the needed skills to properly handle a weapon nor do they possess the mental capacity to learn how to do so either. It would be very dangerous for the TSA to carry weapons in public. There would be a lot of unnecessary shootings at airports and with the large amount of people in a confined space like that the number of people getting shot would be high. As they are union employees, they would be exempt from these shootings, making matters even worse.

    • texaswelsh

      For that matter, most cops don’t seem to possess those skills either.

  • Bruce Dickinson

    simple answer? NO