TV Pitchman Kevin Trudeau Gets 10-Year Sentence

Source: AP / CBS News

CHICAGO – TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for bilking consumers via infomercials for his best-selling weight loss book.

In sentencing the 50-year-old Trudeau in Chicago federal court Monday, U.S. District Judge Ronald Guzman said that for decades Trudeau “steadfastly attempted to cheat others for his own personal gain.”

Trudeau apologized, saying he was a changed man.

Prosecutors had said they could think of no comparable case of someone cheating people so brazenly. They said Trudeau deserved a sentence of at least 10 years. But defense attorneys said he should serve no more than two years.

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  • Victor Steele

    Plenty of time to write a book. Maybe he can get Ashton Kutcher to play him.

  • Kelly Coleman Brown

    Ummmm….. I don’t remember him selling a weight loss book. I thought he sold one of those book that help you find money the government was hiding from you? Which one is it?

    • Victoria I. Matheson

      He had a weight loss book that he gave for “free” with the purchase of his government is scamming you book.

      • B1BomberVB

        BOGO! BOGO! 😀

    • Jeanne Wilson

      He wrote several how to books. I ordered one that had a money back guarantee and I followed the directions on how to return it and didn’t received the money back. When I called to see why, I talked directly to him and he said that he had never received it back. When I told him I had sent it return receipt requested and had the signed receipt – he just said hummmm, most people don’t do that. I did get my money back, but it cost me almost as much to mail the book back as it had cost! A charlatan salesman for sure.

      • B1BomberVB

        Congratulations on your foresight of requesting a return receipt! Most people “didn’t do that” because they trusted him to be honest. Your experience would have been interesting in a Friend of the Court brief for the prosecution!

        • Jeanne Wilson

          I had no idea that he was being brought up on charges or I would gladly gotten involved. I have a real problem with dishonest pitchmen!

  • jaycay

    Typical scumbag witch hunt by the Government and the Money grubbing Drug Companies.

  • ken wallace

    Thief, scumbag … now go after TV evangelists driving around in expensive cars and living in mansions .

    • saintlaurie

      Oh….and give the lying scumbags in the medical fields and in government a Nobel Prize and a raise? Only atheist, liberal, mainstream medicine, government, corporate thieves and scumbags can drive around in expensive cars and live in mansions? You sound stupid.

  • Lifelike

    Trudeau also used to sell pills made from crushed seashells saying it cured cancer and heart disease. He never had a job that didn’t include him lying for profit.

  • Professor_Tenay

    “Roland Martin Reports” Reminds me of that old comedy show “Roland and Martins laugh in”.

    • threeems

      That was”Rowan and Martin”

  • Funny, I received several of his books for free for the cost of shipping. I also paid for a couple & was very happy with my purchases. . His books contained a lot of good valid info & provided more value than what was paid for them, especially since he offered several of his books for free.

    ” Prosecutors had said they could think of no comparable case of someone cheating people so brazenly” Really? I never once felt ‘bilked’ and cant imagine why anyone would. I also do not see anyone else giving away anything for free these days. If that’s what they call ‘ bilking’ , then I say whatever. ..

    It is well known that ‘the powers that be’ were not happy with the content of Mr. Trudeau’s books & have been fighting to get both he & his books out for circulation for decades.

    • fancydancer

      The information in those books could be found in numerous books and studies penned by others. None of his books contained any original findings.

      • Ruth Pidgeon

        I bought and read his first two and after reading them I still had no real answers. All the info was in his news letters according to him for an additional fee. The good info he did give I also read in some other books I ordered, only they put everything in. Not sure how I feel about this.

      • Still not illegal to reformulate pre-existing ideas. He cites sources, and does due diligence.

    • B1BomberVB

      You & Rioderek missed your chances to testify &or file a Friend of the Court brief in his favor! You could have gotten him acquitted & kept he (sic) in circulation!

  • rioderek

    I bought 3 of his books, they were all useful. I never felt victimized. I was actually glad I bought them

    • Bill Smith

      Good little sheep, you’ve been taught well! 😉

      • Yeah, you’re right. Praise government. Send entrepreneurs to jail for sharing advice in voluntary exchanges.

      • rioderek

        The real sheep trying to pass the label on to others. You’re the moron who believes the government, not me. Trudeau sold me books, I bought them and I’m happy with the purchases. You on the other hand blindly tow the government line without any personal insight, then proceed to label and name call like the loon you are. Go back to playing with your sister, you mindless hick.

        • Bill Smith

          Tsk, tsk with the name calling my glass house living in friend. Fire up your gubment powas n vote em outta dat der 10 yr prison term! Oh, wait. You can’t do anything about it but piss and moan, too bad! 😀

    • B1BomberVB

      You missed your chance to testify &or file a Friend of the Court brief in his favor!

  • Sharie

    I enjoyed his books…I don’t understand this..his one book saved my life. I am no longer on any medications and I no longer use a cane to walk.

  • Sharie

    I bought his books and they really helped me. I don’t understand why he is getting prison time. I no longer take any medications and I dont have to use a cane to walk. Loved his info!

  • Jay Henderson

    I don’t think the lawyer met Obama. he bilks everyone brazenly. I quit a 4 pack a day cig habit because of trudeau.

    • Bill Smith

      Then go vote ur boy outta prison! Use ur gubment rights!

  • theabby

    This guy sounds like a sociopath. He will never “change”. They never do because they simply can’t…

    • saintlaurie

      He “sounds like” a sociopath? You lady “sound like”…you never read his books…..and you also “sound like” someone who still believes the lying criminals in mainstream and pharmaceutical medicine! Grow a brain please. The liars in medicine who still claim that there is “no known cause” and “no known cure” for cancer, neurological and autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and autism etc etc are the ones who should be out in jail. It just shows how gullible the low information American consumers are about REAL SCIENCE….not the “gold standard” that mainstream idiots spew so they can profit off our suffering and early demise. And for your information….if a doctor is listed on “Quackwatch” you can guarantee they know the truth, have the cure, and are being neutralized by the pharmaceutical companies and their beneficiaries. I dare you to open your narrow mind and read one of Kevin Trudeau’s books.

      • theabby

        No, I haven’t read his books…that’s why I said “sounds like”. No need to trip, Einstein..

      • peachnectar

        I use natural remedies for basically all of the needs my mom and I have. My mom has been ‘cured’ of things that the medical community over treats with drug after drug after drug. Her antioxidants have ‘cured’ her cistitis and diabetes and treated her COPD effectively enough for a couple of years now where she has very little problems with mucus. She is 86 1/2 and had a defibrillator put in years ago. I am still working on her A-fib with naturally occurring forms of a ‘non B vitamin form’ called B-4 which when it’s lacking causes a form of beri-beri of the heart and is found in about half of the American population over age 55. Since we all eat processed, overcooked foods of the wrong type providing little or no nutrition it doesn’t surprise me in the least that most of us have similar health problems. If more people spent more time reading the ‘quack’ books found in your local health store and following some of the very basic principles when they were still young, I’d be willing to bet we’d see less of these health issues.

  • ganymede3010

    Yeah I don’t understand why he’s in jail. After reading his book, my bald spot grew new hair, my diabetes was cured, I have permanently eradicated all bodily acne, lowered my cholesterol, improved my brain elasticity, gained a six pack stomach, and increased my overall IQ by 49 points. He’s the real deal;)

  • HRGirl

    “Prosecutors had said they could think of no comparable case of someone cheating people so brazenly.” Really??!!!! Take a look at out Congress!!!!

  • Marcia Araujo

    I understand that Trudeau pissed a lot of people off… And they have for a while wanted to see him in prison… BUT to say that ANYONE in america would be in prison for writing a diet book that contains false information is to open up a huge can of worms. I believe his incarceration is a result of jealousy, perhaps Trudeau’s arrogance and price is at fault but this sentence is ridiculous. Virtually every information is BS.. so why? Why him? Perhaps that’s what you get when you piss the pharmaceutic companies off, defy many secret societies and get some powerful people mad at you.

  • Kelvin Hoffman

    they better take a closer look at OBLAMA ripping people off worse than this could have thought of.

    • Bill Smith

      Your English teacher must be proud. And you must be salty knowing you are a powerless whelp at a keyboard, with nothing better to do than piss and moan about a president that you voted into office.

  • VVasmer Cornelius

    Sweet black paint-job, bro.

    On a side note, imagine this guy, through all his endeavors into the murky pond of Shady Dealings, made tons of money and became super rich… I mean, how many of the super rich in the U.S. started like this? We have so many, why not one more? He really looks like a yacht type of guy! You know what? This is the type of guy we need in OFFICE to battle Putin in a flex-off, bear wrestle, tiger…hunt???, bare-chested horse race competition. You go, K “truuu doh” Trudeau. You go. America.

    -Protein fan for life.

  • Sallie98

    Really??? Come on, how much time is the Govt going to get?? They have been scamming the hard working Americans for years??? Where does this forced to buy healthcare and lose the plan you liked fit in?? Seems like the same reason he is going to jail for ……SMH

  • enterer

    why is my other comment still pending from hours ago, are the moderators even getting paid?

  • Sarah Palin

    tjhey should put president Commie Boy in Prison for pitching Obamacare

    • Bill Smith

      Wow, even your keyboard is illiterate, impressive. Where did you steal it from, Wally-mart?

  • peachnectar

    Notice that the people who were actually helped by the information in his books weren’t invited to this witch hunt. In the 70’s the FDA raided health stores and took all the HONEY off of the shelves. There is no end to what will tork the big money off. If it takes a dime or two from the big Pharm’s pockets, then they’ll be seeking a way to get their revenge. Make someone an example. That’s exactly what Kevin is. I sure hope his lawyer brings in people who can testify that what he says will work, if implemented.

    • Malinda Wilson Smith

      This guy is a scammer and has been for like 25 years. His books don’t help anyone.

  • Shekesmom

    They need to clean up more people that are scams; Robert Kiyosaki, Carlton Cheeks, Stores Online, and all those Work From Home internet programs. I have purchased items that add up to big bucks listening to the TV bull. I think I’ve bought almost every book Kevin Trudeau published.