WATCH: Black Constituent Confronts Paul Ryan Over ‘Inner City’ Remarks

Source: ThinkProgress

RACINE, Wisconsin — If you could pinpoint the moment when Paul Ryan lost control of his message on Wednesday, it was when he began explaining to an African American constituent why his recent comments about lazy “inner city” men actually had nothing to do with race.

“You said what you meant,” Alfonso Gardner, a 61-year-old African American man from Racine, told Ryan at a town hall meeting. “[Inner city is] a code word for black.”

Ryan remained defiant though. “There is nothing whatsoever about race in my comments at all,” he said. He admonished Gardner for drawing a connection between his “inner city” remarks and race. “I think when we throw these charges around, it should be based on something.”

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  • Nolan Dearborne

    Roland, the sad part is that many African Americans hold the same core “values”, that the Republican Party claims to represent. The Hypocrisy, with which they live their publilc and private lives, drives most away. Couple that with the sheer arrogance of their general message, and we are left will the lesser of two evils, or a radical fringe that simply leaves us with nothing. Nice new focus Republicans.

  • 1_teamJalen3

    I guess Ryan thought everybody in that room was stupid, too, if he thinks they bought his defiant explanation!

  • markn

    More of the Republicans constituents need to speak out about the policy that there congress members are supporting.

  • Jabari Bryant

    I think Ryan’s comments were abhorrent. The interesting thing is that Blacks immediately forgive Democrats that say offensive (equally offensive or at times even more offensive) things and are immediately forgiven (usually with no backlash or loss of standing in the community). OUR level of hypocrisy is amazing. I agree with Nolan that Black values align more closely with the GOP’s stated values. We have to find good public servants and focus less on the R or D and more focus on individuals.

    • Frontal Lobe

      Provide me an example and I may agree with you.

    • Henry Walker

      Jabari what world do you live in. I do not share the values of the GOP. They don’t care about me, they see me as a lazy black man even while I serve to protect this county. The GOP has become a front for the KKK.

      • monkey boy

        time to get over it it didnt affect your parents .. or your grandpaents.. or your great grandparents so let it go

  • Henry Walker

    Ok answer this question.. Who lives in the “Inter City”? Now you know he was talking about black men. The GOP seems to always forget that there are unemployed lazy white men as well. If he was talking about all men, then why didn’t he say all men and not just try to make it seems like only black men can be lazy.

    • monkey boy

      he never said black you reparation wanting idiot time to get over it it happened yrs ago

  • Oppelganger

    Why doesn’t he just point out where those inner city white folks he had in mind live? That should clear things up!