Welfare Cheats Lived On $1.2M Yacht, Lawyer Says

Source: CBS News

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – A nationwide warrant is out for a Minnesota couple who allegedly received over $167,000 in public assistance while living on a $1.2 million yacht in Florida, reports CBS Minnesota.

Colin Chisholm III, 62, and Andrea Chisholm, 54, are facing one count of wrongfully obtaining public assistance of more than $35,000, which is a felony charge. The couple’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

“I’ve never ridden on a yacht that nice, and I bet most of us haven’t, but they were living on it while they were collecting public assistance,” said Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman.

The couple illegally received public assistance from several government programs designed to help the poor between Jan. 1, 2005 and May 31, 2012, according to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office.

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  • CE Lee

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  • Keisha

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