Widow Of Longtime Radio Legend E. Steven Collins Sues Hospital For Wrongful Death

Source: Dana DiFilippo / Philly.com

The family of the late radio legend and civic leader E. Steven Collins has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Chestnut Hill Hospital, saying staff there failed to immediately diagnose and treat the heart attack that killed him last fall.

Collins, 58, arrived at the hospital at 9 p.m. Sept. 8 with the classic symptoms of a heart attack – pressure and pain in his chest, high blood pressure, labored breathing, clammy skin and related complaints, said attorneys Tom Kline and Dean Weitzman, who filed the complaint in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court this morning.

He promptly and properly received an electrocardiogram, Kline added. But instead of treating Collins immediately with the standard blood-thinning and artery-opening drugs like aspirin, nitroglycerin and heparin, an emergency-room doctor ordered a drug that lowered his blood pressure so much that his heart couldn’t recover, Kline said.

The doctor also failed to immediately consult a cardiologist, diagnose an acute arterial blood clot or order a follow-up electrocardiogram and drugs that could have saved Collins, Kline added.

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