Arizona Judge Says ‘Proof Evident’ In Sharper Rape Case

Source: Brent Schrotenboer / USA Today

PHOENIX — A Phoenix judge ruled Thursday that former NFL star Darren Sharper is not entitled to bail in Arizona, finding “proof evident and presumption great” that he raped a woman in Tempe on Nov. 21.

In making his ruling, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Warren Granville cited DNA evidence from inside the woman’s vagina that partially matched Sharper’s. Sharper did not previously know the woman, identified in court as “Victim B,”according to testimony from Tempe police Det. Kevin Mace. Another woman in the apartment that night, identified as “Victim C,” said she witnessed Sharper naked and making thrusting movements over Victim B, who has no recollection of what happened in the hours after consuming a drink Sharper made her that night, Mace said.

The judge said Sharper should be entitled to $1,000 bond on the other four charges he faces in Arizona, including the drugging and rape of another woman, identified as “Victim A,” and the drugging of Victim C.

But Granville’s ruling regarding Victim B is likely to be enough to keep Sharper incarcerated indefinitely in Los Angeles, where he is charged with two more rapes.

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  • Sieben713

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    • sabresfan

      Sieben713- Really??? Wvery1 is entitled 2 BAIL??? If there is direct evidence the prosecution can ask for no bail. Why do u think they don’t give some1 that is accused of murder that was caught with the murder weapon bail???? SMH!