Can The Government Seize Your Tax Refund To Pay A Relative’s Debt?

Source: Wyatt Andrews / CBS News

Two months ago, Mary Grice, a career employee at the Food and Drug Administration, was notified the U.S. Treasury had confiscated her state and federal tax refunds totaling $4,500.

The government had taken the money before she knew there was a problem.

“To be honest, I was ticked off,” Grice said. “I’m like ‘how can they intercept or take my funds without my first being notified about it?'”

The claim against her came from the Social Security Administration which said it overpaid death benefits to Mary’s family after her father Scott Grice died in 1960. Mary was five years old. In other words, without notice and for a debt that was not hers, the government had her refund seized anyway.

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  • pianki

    She needs to consult an atty. If this is the case then Black’s Americans claim for Reparations should be paid also.