Charles Barkley Responds To Donald Sterling Racist Comments

NBA legend Charles Barkley responded to Donald Sterling’s racially charged comments during the NBA on TNT.

  • miami

    Donald sterling is a racist piece of shyt with alot of $. This is his legacy

  • T. Mack

    I guess Barkley is only outraged by negative comments about Black Men. But he sure didn’t have a problem with spewing discriminative or hate towards black women in the early 90’s! Just because he said so many hateful things about black women; I could never support the Suns or cheer for their victory, as long as he was on the team! As a Black Female, me and my odor can stay at home or root for the opposing team! Shut up Barkley…. Black Women remember, you are no better than Donald Sterling…. Actually, you are worse, because you discriminate againt your own!