Former S.C. College Student, Phi Beta Sigma Pledge, Beaten To Point Of Renal Failure Wins $1.6M In Hazing Suit

Source:  Nina Golgowski / New York Daily News

A former South Carolina college student who was allegedly beaten with hazing paddles to the point of suffering acute renal failure has won a $1.6 million settlement.

Daniel McElveen, who dropped out of Francis Marion University after hospitalized from the 2011 “Hell Night” fraternity ritual, was awarded the massive sum this week, his attorney announced Friday.

According to his complaint, McElveen was pledging Phi Beta Sigma on Oct. 23, 2011 when the atrocious acts of brutality began with the beating by a paddle that was passed around at the home of university alumnus, Maurice Robinson.

“Even after blood soaked through Plaintiff’s clothes as a result of the striking, brothers of Phi Beta Sigma continued to beat Plaintiff with a paddle and Plaintiff was warned not to let any blood get on the floor,” the disturbing complaint reads.

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