Doc Rivers’ Son Responds To Donald Sterling’s Comments

Source:  Cindy Boren / The Washington Post

Jeremiah Rivers, the son of Los Angeles Clippers Coach Doc Rivers, had perhaps the best response of all to the audio tape of Donald Sterling’s racially charged comments.




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  • Richard Buchanan

    Shut that racist honkey down, your pops should find another employer.

  • Lorena Clarisa Songcayawon

    People we are forgetting the most affected by this behavior of absolute ignorance…..the players and their families they support! Yes, this owner needs to have his ownership privileges revoked but the players need their fans now more than ever! Much love oxoxo

  • Ken reid

    I guess what he is saying is that if the slaves are being treated nicely, its not about racial equality for all, its about the love of cotton? FOH! This proves there will never be another Muhammad Ali.

    • Move_To_Another_Country

      Wow, OWNED!!! You cut right through the BS

  • John Reid

    Are you sure it’s for the “love of the game” or love of the almighty dollar? Would they still be saying that if they were getting paid 10.00/hr?

  • Chloe Anderson

    On the one hand, I agree they should make a stand even if it means sacrificing the dollars. on the other hand,most of us work for blatant racist! Did you quit the moment you found out? Plus they already knew it and according to sports so did everybody else…

  • @dappa_yute

    Doc Rivers son doesn’t know what he is talking about as his views aren’t anything related to Sterlings statements.

    I would support the #boycottClippers just because all of these players have a contract. Now if ‘we’ the general public #boycottClippers which means we don’t support the Clippers organization financially then this Sterling guy won’t/shouldn’t/can’t pay his employees (including whom ever is on his roster). If he can’t pay these players on his team ‘under CONTRACT’ then boycotting the organization would certainly speak volumes. we still support the players JUST NOT THE ORGANIZATION.

  • whome

    Everyone already knew he was racist just he said it to his girlfriend who still loved him after he said it and its big news LOL