Elephants In The Room Missing THE Elephant In The Room By Lenny McAllister

by Lenny McAllister 
Global Grind

This latest dust-up between Ebony’s Jamilah Lemieux and the RNC’s Raffi Williams – all playing out on Twitter and other social media platforms over the past week – was hard to ignore, although I really tried.

The responses from many Black Republicans and conservatives (including friends, colleagues, and those that I respect) in digital print and interviews, along with the feedback from other friends and family within Black America and throughout the nation, just made it that much harder to sidestep – especially since no one seems to want to address what is truly the turbulent current underneath the river’s reflection of this matter.

Ironically, in the ongoing conversation about Black voters, political advocacy, Black conservatives and the Republican Party, no one seems to want to discuss the true elephant in the room.

Let’s be clear: when given an even-keel opportunity, Black Americans are not, have not, and will not be adverse to diversity of thought or a “marketplace of ideas”. However, based on the social and political realities of America as they are today, they will continue to object to any appearance of cultural adversity, abject silence, and lack of advocacy by Black Republicans towards Black America.

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