Harvard University Admits Highest Number Of Black Students In School’s History

Source: Jessica Dickerson / The Huffington Post

There was a time when black students were not allowed to attend Ivy Leagues universities. This year, Harvard University proved just how far they’ve come from that part of their history.

According to the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, this year marks Harvard’s highest percentage of accepted black students to date. Almost 12 percent of the total applicants who were offered admission next fall are black. Based off Harvard’s average student yield of 70 percent, the journal predicts that approximately 170 black students will join the class of 2018. It goes on to stress the fact that American colleges most known for their selectiveness tend to average only 5 to 10 percent black students.

Two high schoolers made headlines for not only receiving acceptance letters from Harvard, but from several Ivy League schools: Kwasi Enin — who was accepted to all eight Ivy Leagues — and Avery Coffey, who was accepted to five.

Indeed, it’s been a good year of breaking stereotypes for black students, including Ivy-bound Akintunde Ahmad, a Bay Area teen who carries a copy of his report card around on his phone to prove his 5.0 GPA and 2100 SAT score.

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  • Tiffany Williams

    Great news! Congrats to all of the students!