Judge In Child Rape Case Gets Security After Threats

 Source: Cris Barrish, The (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal / USA Today

WILMINGTON, Del. — Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden’s decision to order probation instead of prison for a du Pont family heir who raped his young daughter has led to threats against her and calls for her removal from the bench.

But allies in the legal community have rallied to her defense.

Much of the outrage over Jurden’s 2009 sentencing of Robert H. Richards IV for fourth-degree rape was over her notation that he would not “fare well” in prison, a mitigating factor that she identified in her order.

Delaware prosecutors and defense attorneys have said it is unusual for a judge to list someone’s fitness for prison as a mitigator in a sentencing order, even though it is often argued that a frail or sickly defendant might get abused or suffer unduly in prison.

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  • E_Joyce

    Threats are ludicrous for anyone, but she should be removed from the bench.

  • Gwen Knave

    I’m sure the DuPont family can cover the cost of security for her….

  • VoiceofReason

    Justice is a luxury of the rich ….

  • C Cecelia Harden

    No will does well in prison. People die in prison due to poor medical care actually poor or
    minority people.

  • Dana Fulbright

    She shouldn’t get security AT ALL! She should have done her damn job and she wouldn’t have to worry about NEEDING security! This is the kind of thing that gets my blood boiling!!! Who CARES how this POS would fare in prison? Did he care how that child would fare in LIFE after traumatizing her?? I need to get off my soap box before I say something to offend someone!

  • DebbieG

    “But allies in the legal community have rallied to her defense” She has a group of crooked politicians on her side…..just sick! I don’t get how anyone could possibly think the guy don’t need to be in prison for raping his baby girll and infant son!

  • karenbrown65

    They have medical care in prison. I guarantee, a poor person, no matter HOW sick, would be sitting their butt in prison after this crime no matter how well it was believed they would ‘fare’ there.

  • Annoyed

    To even look at her with respect disgusts me.

  • Danny

    Justice can be bought in America and many owe favors especially if you come from the Dupont family. I thought Prison is about rehabilitation, so he should be the poster child for this program obviously his parents failed him!

  • Jayme S Kennedy