Judge: Talking Dirty Not Reason Enough To Lose Job

Source: Clark Kauffman / The Des Moines Register / USA Today

DES MOINES, Iowa — Can an Iowa businessman who sells “Wake The F Up” coffee fire an employee for having a sexually explicit conversation at work?

Not without fair warning, an Iowa judge has ruled.

Wellma “Tootie” Shafer of Seymour was terminated in January from the Last Chance Market in the small, southern Iowa town of Russell. For 18 months, Shafer worked as a cashier for the restaurant, which includes a convenience store.

Her boss, Rick Braaksma, alleged that Shafer, 46, was working in the store one day in January when she and a customer began discussing various sexual activities. He said he fired Shafer after fielding complaints from other customers who overheard the conversation, according to state records.

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