Justices Approve State Bans On Affirmative Action

Source: Richard Wolf / USA Today

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court dealt another blow to affirmative action programs Tuesday, upholding the right of states to ban racial preferences in university admissions.

The 6-2 decision came in a case brought by Michigan, where a voter-approved initiative banning affirmative action had been tied up in court for a decade.

Seven other states — California, Florida, Washington, Arizona, Nebraska, Oklahoma and New Hampshire – have similar bans. Now, others may follow suit.

But the ruling, which was expected after the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the Michigan law, did not jeopardize the wide use of racial preferences in many of the 42 states without bans. Such affirmative action programs were upheld, though subjected to increased scrutiny, in the high court’s June ruling involving the University of Texas.

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  • tracy simms

    speechless…there are no words

  • Sieben713

    Maybe this is the wake up call you needed , the fight for EQUALITY is far from being OVER

  • Hester Samuels

    There is definitely a shifting taking place….We must be on guard…

  • Richard Buchanan

    Those doggone illegals won’t be benefitting behind my ancestors hard work!!?