Kissing Congressman To Seek FBI Probe Of Leaked Video

Source:  Catalina Camia / USA Today

An aide to Rep. Vance McAllister, R-La., says the congressman will ask the FBI to investigate the leak of a video showing the lawmaker kissing an aide.

The News Star in Monroe, a daily newspaper in the congressman’s district, says McAllister will make the investigation request Wednesday by sending a letter to House Speaker John Boehner.

McAllister, who promoted traditional Christian values throughout his campaign, has not voted on the House floor this week after the video given to The Ouchita Citizen was posted Monday. The video shows McAllister passionately kissing Melissa Peacock, who has been removed from the congressman’s payroll.

The congressman has apologized to his wife and five children, and he seeks forgiveness from his family and constituents.

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  • spanielmander

    As far as I know it is perfectly legal to make a video recording of someone in a public place, even without their knowledge.

    And haha Wonkette “He has removed the object of temptation from his payroll.”

  • fedup

    Hire your own private investigator to find the leak. Don’t use tax payer’s money using the FBI to find out who leaked your secret.