New York Daily News: Los Angeles Man Sues City And NYPD Officers, Claiming He Was Beaten And Arrested For Asking ‘Why?’

Source: Daniel Beekman / New York Daily News

Los Angeles transplant Evan King says a cop called him a “d–k,” threw him to the ground, then was joined by other officers in roughing him up because he dared to ask why he was stopped and questioned at a Midtown subway station.

King claims police officer Anthony Francavilla even made a remark about wanting to kill him.

“Oh, you wanna be a d–k? You wanna be a d–k? Turn around and put your hands behind your back,” Francavilla said, according to the lawsuit King filed against the city and several police officers Wednesday in Manhattan Federal Court.

The city’s Law Department declined to comment. “We are awaiting formal service of the complaint,” a spokesman said.

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