Magic Johnson Vows Not To Attend Clippers Games If Donald Sterling Is The Owner

Source: Nick Schwartz / USA Today

The NBA is investigating whether racially insensitive comments in an audio recording obtained by TMZ were made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. In the audio recording, a man said that it “bothers him” that his female associate brought minorities, including Lakers legend Magic Johnson, to Clippers games.

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  • Richard Buchanan

    No black man person should go to his games.

    • epickett

      Not even the PLAYERS…!

    • No person of ANY race should go to his games.

  • Charles

    This man doesn’t see them (blacks) as human beings, he sees them as subhuman. He is a cold hearted racist, who makes money off of the backs of his black employees, but he has no love for them.

  • barbaralee12

    He doesn’t see them as humans he sees them as money machines for his gain.Boycotting always works.Hit him in the pocket.

  • Alex

    Boycotting will be a great answer to the madness and he will no longer be a owner because he will be force to sale the team.

  • Ziyad Murad

    Magic Said that as long as Sterling is owner of Clippers ;he will not attend games. I just wanted to remind Magic, That he is not Invited! Sorry Bro. like Angela Davis Said if he’d made a remark about gays, He would have been shut down!

  • Charles

    Welcome to the real world gentlemen, people have made money off the backs of everybody in this world. basketball players live very well, so don’t act they get treat bad. I don’t think it’s right, I think he’s a dumb### but I want to see them win this series.