Man Cleared Of NYC Murder After 25 Years In Prison

Source: AP / CBS News

NEW YORK, N.Y. Jonathan Fleming, a man who spent almost a quarter-century behind bars for murder, was freed in New York City on Tuesday and cleared of a killing that happened when he was 1,100 miles away on a Disney World vacation.

Fleming, 51, was in tears as he hugged his lawyers and family in a Brooklyn courtroom. Relatives said, “Thank you, God!” after he was freed.

“After 25 years, come hug your mother,” Patricia Fleming told her son, and he did.

Defense attorneys and prosecutors asked a Brooklyn judge to dismiss Fleming’s conviction in the 1989 shooting. A key eyewitness recanted, new witnesses have implicated someone else and a review by prosecutors turned up a hotel receipt putting Fleming in Florida hours before the killing, defense lawyers Anthony Mayol and Taylor Koss said.

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  • Billy Dorsey

    They couldn’t find the receipt 25 years ago??? Travesty. My heart goes out to this innocent man and to the family who has suffered without him for the last quarter century.

  • Queen Mennon

    now real justice would be for the prosecuters, judge and jury working on this case, who are still alive, should go to jail. you mean to tell me if a person has an alibi of being miles away from the scene of the crime, it should be ignored?