Man Finds Noose Hanging Inside Workplace Twice In One Week

Source: Irika Sargent / KPRC / theGrio

Houston, Texas — A man said he found a noose hanging inside his workplace.

Jeremee Molo said he first noticed a noose hanging from a piece of equipment at Atlas Copco on Tuesday.

“It caught my attention, right then and there,” said Molo.

Molo used his cellphone to take pictures of the noose. He said he understands the noose is historically a symbol of racial hatred.

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  • sieben13

    That’s what COWARDS do

  • Richard Buchanan

    Brother can do two things.
    He can find the honkey and put his foot up he/their coward a$$es, or he can get a new job.

  • Richard Buchanan

    How about forming your own businesses, then we would not have to put up with crap?