Man Seeks Answers As Jefferson Parish Arrest Video Goes Viral

Source: Travers Mackel / WDSU

RIVER RIDGE, La. — A man arrested during a videotaped incident in Jefferson Parish tells the WDSU I-Team he believes a deputy clearly crossed the line.

In the video, 26-year-old Donrell Breaux asked the deputy why he was trying to enter a River Ridge home. What followed was recorded on a mobile phone.

The video was posted to Facebook Tuesday night and quickly went viral. The video was shared on Facebook thousands of times within hours.

When asked why the deputy was at the home, Breaux said, “I think one of the neighbors called them because we was cussing and cutting up on the porch.”

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  • Unae

    Surprised dude is not dead today.

    • Yay77

      He’s lucky to still be alive. They usually just gun you down, so they can collect their paid vacation money.