Michigan Mom, Two Others Jailed For Whipping Boy For Acting Like A ‘Thug’ And Posting Video To Facebook

Source: Philip Caulfield / New York Daily News

A Michigan mom and two others have been charged with child abuse after they lashed a boy with a belt more than 50 times and posted video of it to Facebook.

Demitria Latrion Powell, 28, the boy’s mother, Uteas Michelle Taylor, 42, and Stefon Tirrell Felton, 40, were arraigned Tuesday on several charges, including third-degree child abuse, for the brutal April 3 beating, which has been viewed tens of thousands of times online, local CBS reported.

In the sickening 6-minute clip, the trio, of Flint, scold the school-age boy for acting like a “thug” and savagely whip him on the butt and smack him in the face, while warning him to stay away from gangs.

“Watch this ass whipping this gangster is going to get,” Powell says to the camera, as the little boy clutches a dining room chair.

To read this article in its entirety visit the New York Daily News.

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  • jjdpro media production

    Really.. They charged them for being good parents?

    • Keneisha Fountain

      50 times??? I think that is a tad bit beyond good parenting

  • Charles

    I may not agree with them slapping or hitting him in the face, or the number of hits on his bottom, but whipping his butt was their prerogative. Now they are in jail and he gets to be a thug, we live in a crazy society.

  • Sieben713

    they have taken the rights of parents away from them and we see every day the results

  • Lorena Clarisa Songcayawon

    No act of violence or hatred results in positive enforcement…..love, patience, kindness, and gentle direction thru one’s own physical actions. Children emulate what they see, not what they are told. Much love and I pray for you all. xoxox

  • Big Poppa

    I dont understand. You can’t beat you kids but the police can do whatever they want to them with no repercussions? A neighborhood watch captain can shoot them dead. I’m terribly happy that my mother spanked me when i was wrong. Never been in any sort of trouble as a result of her stern parenting.

  • dtbklyn

    I DON’T by any means “thank” my parents for the level of brutality they used while I was growing up, and completely sick of black folks (I’m black) who thank “God” they were whipped, when psychologically we probably the MOST f’kd up people on earth…from the violence disguised as punishment. You see with black folks it’s not enough to use corporal punishment you have to add onto it with total humiliation. Why do you think so many of our people are screwed up mentally?

    Black people (in general, not all of us) are too harsh on children and tend to damage them emotionally, why do you think so many of our young act out violently? Oh, and here’s a question for my people..if your method of not sparing the rod was so great…then how come it’s not all the other folks kids filling up the judicial system? Why are our kids subject to so much violence?

    Those that raise their kids with a combination of love, thought out discipline and zero humiliation are generally the ones who turn out our communities best. Unfortunately were outnumbered in many cases by wild eye banshees that have no self control.

    It’s time we ‘fess up to the horrible level of violence black children face..right in their own homes.

    There I said it, and I KNOW a lot of people are thinking it.

    • san

      Agreed (Im black) at the end of the day some black folks beat out of anger and we have to ask ourselves….are we better off? are all these beatings working? I don’t spank my son and I was told by his teacher he’s the best kid in her classroom… if something isn’t working…try something else!

  • Mona Marie

    I dont agree with the amount of times they hit him but these kids now days need that. If they dont get discipline at home they will get it from the police and end up in the system. But thats how this world is set up they dont allow us to whip our kids because they want to fill there jails up. Its all control and if we dont get our kids in control thats were they will end up or dead.

  • Michael Ryan McNamara

    What can you expect. Children shouldn’t have children. If he is 14, and she is 28, how old does that make her when she gave birth, people? She was 14 years old. Which means our society is flawed and we have got to spread education in this country. To people of all socio-economic backgrounds.