NBA Players Question Whether Donald Sterling Deserves To Own A Team

Source: Amanda Cochran / CBS News

The release of audio allegedly showing Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racist remarks to a girlfriend has outraged NBA players who are now questioning whether Sterling deserves to be a team owner.

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, chairman of the National Basketball Players Association, and a former NBA All-Star, said on “CBS This Morning,” “(The players) do not feel that he represents this family, this NBA family. It’s a really strong sentiment right now. I think the players’ emotions went from stunned to outraged to now saying we want to be less emotional, but we want swift action, and now I think players are at the point of thinking whether or not this person is fit to be an NBA owner, and that’s certainly on their minds.”

Johnson said the Clippers players — who staged a silent protest Sunday, wearing black bands and socks and turning their warm-ups inside out and throwing them at half-court — want “aggressive action.”

“What the players feel very strongly is that they want to make sure that the most severe sanctions that are allowable under the NBA guidelines are…taking place,” he said. “The players want to know what those sanctions are. Certainly it’s got to be a stiff fine. Certainly it’s got to be a suspension. … The players are saying…they want the most severe penalty. They want to see what that looks like.”

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