Officer Who Fatally Shot Hofstra University Student Cleared Of Wrongdoing

Source: Nina Golgowski / New York Daily News

The police officer who mistakenly shot and killed a Hofstra University student as she was held at gunpoint by a Long Island intruder last year has been cleared of wrongdoing.

Nassau County officer Nikolas Budimlic “acted accordingly” when he opened fire, killing not only the armed suspect but 21-year-old Andrea Rebello in May 2013, the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday.

Budimlic “reasonably perceived threats of deadly force against himself and others and acted accordingly,” the report states in part.

The suspect, Delton Smith, 30, who was a wanted felon after breaking parole for an armed robbery, was shot seven times by the responding officer.

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  • yanni54

    To me there never will be justification for killing the “WRONG PERSON”!!I If your perception of people’s looks is so messed up that killing them because “YOU A$$UME” OR YOU ARE USING THE NEW LAW TO KILL PEOPLE, WHICH IS “I FELT THREATEN SO I STOOD MY GROUND”, then maybe you are in the wrong line of work. I was born to live until the Good Lord is ready for me, which in my book that means you should die of natural causes not by The NRA’s version of the 2nd amendment or of the paranoid mentally of the cops and others!