Pew Study: Majority Of Americans Don’t See President Obama As Black


Source: theGrio

A new Pew Research Center book, entitled The Next America, has found a significant generational gap on matters of race, and concluded, among other things, that the majority of Americans don’t view President Barack Obama as black.

Although President Obama identifies as African-American, his mother was of European ancestry and most Americans (52 percent, to be exact) see him as “mixed race.”

Pew’s study has also determined that whites will be a minority in America by 2060 and that the increasing number of interracial relationships and biracial births has had a real impact on the public’s attitudes on both.

“Our intricate new racial tapestry is being woven by the more than 40 million immigrants who have arrived since 1965, about half of them Hispanics and nearly three in ten Asians,” according to Pew.

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